The History of English School Ambechincholi

school buldingAmbechincholi is situated on the bank of a river Bhima in Pandharpur taluka. Before establishing this school, there was only primary school from 1st to 7th standard in this village. After completing primary education, the village’s boys and girls were going to another village for education. This irregularity reminds Dalit Mitra Kadam guruji 1997, so instead of closed school English School Anagar, he started English School Ambechincholi in his native Village.

After establishing this school, this school faced many problems. First this school started in Maruti Temple, Ambabai Temple and socil Temple. Then in 2001, school has permitted nongrant basis migratory school for 5th to 10th std at one time Then this school has developed slowly At first, students were limited in this school. But now in this school, 300 students are getting education. Today, in this school 10 teachers and 5 non teaching staff are working.

In 2005 schools accreditation was done and got 40 % grant, from April 2009 the school had got 100 % grant. School’s SSC exam’s result are always praise worthy. Continue four years school’s result are 100 %. Those students who get the education in this school, among these students some students became engineer, doctor, P.S.I, Teachers etc.

S.P.M.Mangalwedha’s President Dr. Sau. Minatai Kadam Madam, secretory Dr. Shri Subhashrao Kadam sir, Kadam Guruji Gunawatta Vikas Abhiyan’s president Advocate Shri Sujit Kadam, they all always help us and guide us. So now today all facilities in our school. Today, in this school there are a big playground, big building, library, laboratory are available

Teaching Staff



Teachers Name


1. Mr. Devakate M.D.


2. Mr. Bhosale K.C.

Assistant Teacher

3. Miss. Kadam V.D.

Assistant Teacher

4. Mr.Dhule R.S.

Assistant Teacher

5. Mr. Sawant S.H.

Assistant Teacher

6. Mr. Mundhe R.D.

Assistant Teacher

7. Mr. Kuleghe S.D.

Assistant Teacher

8. Mr. Mujware A.L.

Assistant Teacher

9. Mr. Mulani T.R.

Assistant Teacher

10. Mr. Kshrisagar V.M.

Assistant Teacher

Non-Teaching Staff


Sr. no



1 Mr. Neharve V.R. Jr. Clerk
2 Mr. Patil R.R. Lab Assistant
3 Mr.Nagane. M. A. Peon
4 Mr.Muradhe A.M. Peon
5 Mr.Kamale A.C. Peon